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The Mace Energy Method

It permanently frees you from the emotional effects of unwanted experiences, no matter what they were, allowing you to take back charge of your life. This simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will allow you to regain control of your life and find the real you. Not only can it put you on the path to emotional and psychological health and eliminate the stress that underlines many physical health problems, it can also lead to a marked improvement in your general health, well being and confidence.

With that comes all your potential. What makes MEM unique is its simplicity, it does not involve any self disclosure and only requires one or two sessions that can also be carried out over the telephone. Imagine your life free from hidden blocks and limitations that hold you back. As a departure from conventional counselling, MEM does not involve self exposure. MEM permanently frees you from the emotional effects of an unwanted experience. In just a few sessions, it removes negative beliefs and identities that cause emotional problems without the need for detailed discussions on the effects.

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The research that resulted in a body of knowledge named Causism as it ignores manifestation and eliminates cause, incorporates the elements of mind, body, spirit and includes a fourth being identity. There are two forms of identity;- Positive identity; knowingly created pro-survival- Negative identity; unknowingly created non-survival.

Negative identities manifest in many ways including; low moods, lack of energy and motivation, depression, fears, phobias, low self esteem, lack of confidence. I used to make some strange guttural sounds, my left arm used to fling out of its own accord and I was also known to bark! My accident and recovery had a lot to do with what lead me towards a healing profession and using the power of the mind to heal ourselves. Although I developed many coping mechanisms over the years it did still at times, knock my confidence.

I took these for about two weeks, very many years ago and never took them again as they seemed to also soften all my senses. Tics are believed to be old memories from a trauma that was not resolved.

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I have been a fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist for the past 16 years and a member of the association for professional hypnosis and psychotherapy which is my governing body for which I have to follow a code of ethics, one of these being updating my skills and knowledge every year. Luckily I was able to overcome any tics whilst working with clients. I believe this was mainly due to being so focussed on said client.

I had read a lot about this evolutionary technique developed by Karl Dawson who is one of only 29 EFT masters worldwide and author of Matrix Reimprinting using EFT and Transform your beliefs, transform your life. My symptoms earlier this year had seemed to be getting worse and I was finding it was taking much more energy to focus.

Anyone who has suffered from tics will tell you that it is very tiring concentrating all the time on trying not to do something!


So in June this year I took the plunge and got myself booked on a matrix reimprinting course in Brighton which Karl Dawson himself was teaching. Little was I to know that the days spent on this course was about to change my life. Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful technique that uses EFT to resolve traumas from our past focussing on core beliefs, so that practitioners can guide clients to a lasting change in their lives.

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This magnificent technique can help with everything from anxiety, grief, phobias and pain management to parenting, self-image and weight loss. In fact you can use Matrix Reimprinting to help clients change what they believe about themselves and the world around them. If we can change our thoughts we can change anything. Matrix reimprinting is based around the theory that everything is energy. To work with Matrix Reimprinting there are four concepts that you need to understand:. When we experience trauma then that trauma gets stored in the subconscious as an ECHO.

Echos are Energetic Conscious Holograms.

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By finding these echos we can then guide the client to tap away the trauma using EFT and reframe the memory positively. When we suffer from extreme trauma our subconscious often blocks things out as it believes that is the best way to protect us.

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I had always believed that if I was able to remember my accident it would be a good way of accessing and working with the trauma and I would be able to relieve some of my symptoms. I had tried this many times through using hypnosis but to no avail. So I knew this echo was sitting there, somewhere, constantly reliving that trauma and causing my symptoms. Luckily for me, much of the course was practical work where learners were able to work on each other.

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I had previously discussed with Karl Dawson about my accident and Tourettes symptoms and he had assured me he would do his upmost to try and work with me. The day before I was to be worked on, we had been learning about how and when we experience trauma, and that trauma can get stuck in our energy field and I had always believed I had the symptoms of trapped trauma. For example it was only ever my left arm that flung out. Was this because I was hit on my left hand side and that arm would have flown up into the air or even I may have thrown my arm up as a form of protection? The strange whimpering sounds I made…. Could that have been me lying on the road in pain? So we had spoken on the course about big trauma and little trauma and how it can get stuck in the body and how trauma can sometimes distort our belief systems and now Karl, along with my training partner Neil, was going to see if we could access my accident trauma to release the trauma from my body and reimprint positively.

Karl started off the proceedings by tapping on some of my EFT points and working with my energy using Matrix reimprinting techniques we had learnt.